Dahlhausen CZ - The company with the vision of "intensive care"

b.JPG Our Company was established at 1996 as the second subsidiary of the P.J. Dahlhausen & Co GmbH Holding, Germany. We are based at Kurim, Czech Republic, 15 km north of Brno.


Currently have 20 employes, out of them 5 Sales Representatives and two Product Manageres. Our Sales Team covers entire hospital market, focusing to anaesthetic, surgical, urological, IC, OR departments beside others.


a.JPG In compliance with our vision of "intensive care" we try to meet the needs of our customers, widen the range of products nad constantly bring latest products to the market. With this aim we are prepared to successfully carry out our tasks in the future and try to facilitate and improve the everyday health care.


Additionaly to our own label we represent other companies from all over the world and distributing their products at the Czech medical market. Our Team is flexible and always open to new mutualy favourable projects with our new manufacturers.


E - mail: info@dahl.cz, marketing@dahl.cz
Phone: 00420 541 422 070
Fax: 00420 541 422 071

DAHLHAUSEN CZ, spol. s r.o.
Knínická 1577/8, 664 34 Kuřim | Česká republika
IČ: 63493179 | DIČ: CZ63493179 | telefon: 541 422 070 | fax: 541 422 071
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